Diversity? Yes please

A diversified team? Obvious…right?

Much has been written about the benefits of both cultural and gender diversity, and its necessity to address both current and future challenges.

Yet only recently did MIT publish around the fact that the benefits of diversity remain to be proven in many organisations, when it comes to bottom-line performance (MIT diversity).

Bigger, biggest
Perhaps with the exception of meeting gender diversity targets at board level, bigger international companies have become skilled at hiring cross-border talent. Now turning attention to making sure diversity benefits can be reaped, as part of daily operations. Making sure indeed, that also the company bottom-line gets to benefit.

More regionally oriented companies are, as far as I can tell, more difficult to convince of cultural diversity benefits. Despite the – in my opinion fair – argument that innovation is increasingly driven by often international partnerships, trends and insights. Not to mention that the war for talent affects these companies too, perhaps even more.

What about Startups?
Fact is that albeit largely under-represented in the Startup scene today, women run the more profitable portfolio companies. Likewise, and based on own observations only, there are fewer culturally diversified Tech Startups. At least worthwhile the observation, given the international ambitions of most.

And what about us?
An easy-to-make-call for diversity? Yes and No.
Yes. Driving an internationally oriented Startup ourselves, the need for diversity is not a nice to have, it is a necessity and we have made it a design criterion from the start – there is no question about it, it is at the core of our DNA.

No. Because diversity does come at the cost of the ability to focus, the need for agility and fast decision-making – key success factors when it comes to Startup success in general and cash flow management in particular.

Five nationalities represent the DTS core team today – Dutch, Danish, Belgian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian. Five nationalities, with many more representatives and contractors from around the world. And with roughly one in two being a woman.

Truly diversified and it shows, with ample examples. Not to forget, we have LOTS of fun.

Have a great week!

Brian Bogaerts

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