Why we started DataTeam.services

People matter in data quality assurance

Data has become more important than ever. Many talk about (big) data, few have made it the center of decision-making. Most companies recognize that data quality determines their success in the future but have a hard time making quality data available.Databases are outdated, sales teams lack quality prospects lists, investment decisions happen without proper market survey or competitive watch. In an attempt to cut costs we have made sales teams accountable for much of the needed research, decreasing their productivity.

Companies have come to believe IT comes with the ability to automate everything, but here is an optimum between automation and manual effort. We cannot rely on technology alone; sometimes is faster, better and more cost effective to let someone take care of the challenge.

The team was altready in place

When launching a SaaS venture three years ago, we came to realize there is only so much technology can do and built a near-shore team in Ukraine and Bulgaria. We needed it to address the data quality, as it was essential to our customer experience.

The success of outsourcing comes with the ability to properly integrate team members working remotely. Every day we realize the pre-empted cost reduction is a nice add-on to a properly working team. We discovered Ukraine in an attempt to reduce cost, improve quality and secure team scalability. It did not take long for our customers to discover the potential of this team. And his lead to our belief more companies should benefit from it.

Now its time to make the team available to you

The team makes high quality data accessible to our customers. Using a combination of people and technology, closely working together.

• Serving international companies with tailor-made prospects lists.
• Enriching databases, both CRM and operational.
• Performing market surveys for companies that are active in Eastern Europe (Russian speaking countries).
• Making offline data available online, searchable and valuable.
• Making software developers available to support your specific projects.

The team is highly trained, invests considerably in personal development and are happy to contribute to the future success our European customers.DTS uses a Single-Point-of-Contact approach to stimulate a much needed interaction and offer the opportunity to meet and bond.

Long term partnerships deliver the best results

We are a European oriented Dutch company managed by entrepreneurs who have a strong background in ICT, Telecommunications and Consulting. The team is strong, highly educated and well managed. It has the capacity to scale fast and deliver flexible solutions. With quality is our benchmark and we focus on mid-sized to big companies, with the ability to engage in a long-term relationship.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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